Otterbein University

Resident Assistant

The 2011-2012 TRIAD Staff with Hall Director Matthew D'Oyly.

The 2011-2012 TRIAD Staff with Hall Director Matthew D’Oyly.

As a Resident Assistant of the TRIAD and TriaDeVore staffs for the past three years, my staff and I are responsible for 150 students that are first-year through junior-level students. We plan weekly programs that range from cookie decorating to putt-putt golf to attending the Otterbein University Spring Plunge. We attend weekly staff meetings, sit on duty once a week or on the weekend in our respective areas and complete administrative work that includes checking residents in and out of the residence hall between semesters, long breaks and at the end of the year. We are on hand to deal with situations regarding roommate conflicts, minor emergencies and documenting situations that may violate the campus handbook. Even though we come from a variety of backgrounds, majors, interests, and grade levels, our staff comes together every week with the best interest of the community in  mind.

The 2012-2013 TriaDeVore Staff. Photo credit to Storm McBane.

The 2012-2013 TriaDeVore Staff. Photo credit to Storm McBane.

The 2011-2012 staff consisted of Holly Bruner, Andy Hufford, Denton Warburton, Stephen Gale, Preston Miller, and myself with our supervisor Matthew D’Oyly. The 2012-2013 staff consists of Perry Reynolds, Lauren Taylor, Andy Hufford, myself, Zac Brown, Jacob (Darwin) Bowman, Sean Brewster, Holly Bruner, Joe Clark, and Storm McBane with our supervisor Matthew D’Oyly. There was some carry-over from last year, which helped make our team even stronger!

[Picture Coming SOON!]

My senior year, I was still an active part of the TRIADeVore Staff, but relocated to the third floor of DeVore Hall, a sophomore suite-style building that houses upperclassmen students. Quite an adjustment, suite style was definitely the right decision for what turned into a busy, busy senior year! I was still able to host programs and community floor builders for my residents and join my staff in a fair amount of team-building and shenanagins, but the more relaxed atmosphere of upperclassmen residents was way more conducive to my busy senior lifestyle. TRIADeVore had a change of supervisors this year, and we welcomed Brent McNulty with open arms to our staff. Other staff members include: Sean Brewster, Jacob Bowman, Kathleen Quigley, Kate Bohanan, Nicole Enochs, Mel Hannan, Charmaine Mosely, Josh Lovelin, Eric Heinsen, Brandon Strausser, and Dillon Limbaugh. The combination of strong returning RAs and eager new folks made the year enjoyable and productive!

Peer Mentor


My first FYS class was able to participate in a long-standing tradition of painting a rock on campus. They were so creative and used leaves to make outlines!

As a Peer Mentor for the First Year Seminar Program at Otterbein, I have had the privilege of providing five classes of first-year students with insight into the community at Otterbein University. On hand to help navigate campus resources, create community bonding opportunities and answer even the most basic of questions, I have been able to positively impact the lives of first year students for two years. Even after the fifth class and over 100 students, I still learn from each experience and strive to do better for the next term. I have had the opportunity to sit through classes that are not in my field of study such as Environmental Sustainability, Arts Appreciation, Copyright Law, and Sports Philosophy. I have been very lucky to see my former students take leadership roles on campus such as becoming a Resident Assistant, Orientation Leader and even a Peer Mentor themselves! Each professor has challenged me in new ways, and I am proud to say that my FYS class is my favorite part of the week!

Torch and Key

This spring, I was very happy to be invited to join the junior and senior honor society Torch and Key. Not only did I graciously accept, but I applied for an endowed tuition award and was selected as the winner. Below you can read the prompt and click the link to read my winning essay!

Torch and Key Essay Prompt: Introduce and describe a contemporary ethical or moral dilemma you feel is significant.  The dilemma may come from within a particular discipline of study or the world at large.  Summarize the prevailing positions on this dilemma, and then advance your own view.  How or why do you have the view that you do?  The essay should strive for clarity and depth in the consideration of the dilemma.

Click HERE to read my essay on personal responsibility and the use of social media today.

Mortar Board

mortar board

My friends Holly Bruner, Emily Edwards, Haley Young, and me at Mortar Board Induction. Haley is an executive board member this year, too!

As a junior, I have been afforded many opportunities to join honor societies and other outstanding organizations. This spring, I chose to use my leadership abilities to run for Mortar Board President. What is Mortar Board? It’s a senior honor society with thousands of chapters across the country that value leadership, service and academic achievement. The top percent of each junior class is encouraged to apply, and Mortar Board members are chosen based on their application and academic achievement for the next year. After being selected as a member, I was further honored and very excited to be nominated and elected Mortar Board President this year, and I look forward to attending the National Mortar Board Conference in Atalanta, GA this summer to better learn how help this organization grow at Otterbein.


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